Quarterly Letter – Third Quarter 2018

As the year unfolds, the U.S. market and economy continue to charge ahead while returns elsewhere are lagging. It is said, ‘the market climbs a wall of worry’ and there are a number of market risks that have our attention. These include expanding trade tariffs, various geopolitical dangers, rising short-term interest rates, accelerating inflation, signs […]

Quarterly Letter – Second Quarter 2018

The first half of 2018 has sure given investors plenty to digest as market watchers begin to look beyond the impact of tax reform and positive economic conditions to wonder what might be next for the economy and markets.  From our vantage point, we still see plenty of reasons for optimism in the near-term, but […]

The Difference the Right Financial Advisor Makes

Dimensional Fund Advisors recently conducted a survey to assess how investors measure the value of their Advisors. The survey results and a short video that illustrates the vital roles you’re Advisor and financial play to remain disciplined during times of market volatility is available using the link below. Click to view Tuning Out The Noise […]

Thought Leader Forum on Wealth Management

Recently the Portland Business Journal brought advisors from several regional firms together to discuss Wealth Management.  Included at the table was Confluence Advisor Ryan Berning, CFP® to provide fresh insight on current wealth management issues. Erica Heartquist moderated the discussion on behalf of the Portland Business Journal and it was published in their December 2017 […]

What to Do if Disaster Strikes

It could have happened to any of us. This time it was Houston and the Gulf Coast. As human beings, we want to help. There has been and will continue to be an outpouring of love and compassion as we ache to see others suffer. The need for assistance will continue far into the future. […]

CWM Welcomes Josh Cepeda, CFP®

Josh Cepeda brings 17 years of experience to Confluence Wealth Management as a Wealth Advisor. Josh came from Well Fargo Advisors where he dealt with high net worth individuals. Josh will continue to help individuals in understanding their complete wealth picture and selecting the right strategy. “My primary goal is to have my clients continually […]

Estate Planning For Young Families

Discussion around the considerations for preparing documents like wills and trusts helps our clients better prepare for meeting with their estate planning attorneys. Even a young family is wise to consider what they might need in the future to help protect their children from the outside world. Confluence advisor Glen Goland has written about some […]

Succession Planning from the Thought Leader Forum

The reason succession planning is vital is that there is so much that could be lost or surrendered from a tax standpoint, and from a wealth standpoint. If you don’t plan appropriately you leave a lot on the table. You want to deal with this from a proactive perspective, not because you’re in a crisis. […]

CWM Hosts Andy Landis, Expert on Social Security

“Demystifying Social Security” a presentation from Social Security expert Andy Landis was well attended and well received by clients.  Andy started with the question of whether or not the Social Security fund was solvent, reviewed how Social Security computes payments, and then walked participants through a series of scenarios around how to receive the most lifetime […]

Women of Wealth

Marilyn Bergen, member of the Family Wealth Council releases 2nd Women of Wealth study, “Caught in the Middle:  How Does the Sandwich Generation Woman Not Get Squeezed?”   The single most significant transition challenge for women is being “caught in the middle”.  These are women feel the pressure to help aging family members while raising their own […]