What you need to know about the SECURE Act

On December 20, 2019, a $1.4 trillion spending package was signed into law that unbeknownst to many outside the financial industry, included a game changing piece of legislation that impacted your retirement accounts. The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act or ‘SECURE Act’ for short, made some dramatic changes to your retirement that […]

Maximizing Returns vs. Managing Risk

Most of our clients are well on their way toward, or already, financially independent (able to sustain their current/desired lifestyle for the duration of their retirement). So our charge as their advisor is to provide the greatest probability of remaining financially independent through both bull and bear markets. We’ve seen too many portfolios for prospective […]

CWM Hosts Andy Landis, Expert on Social Security

“Demystifying Social Security” a presentation from Social Security expert Andy Landis was well attended and well received by clients.  Andy started with the question of whether or not the Social Security fund was solvent, reviewed how Social Security computes payments, and then walked participants through a series of scenarios around how to receive the most lifetime […]