With Confluence, you really can have it all. Your personal wealth management advisor will help you select the services that will benefit you most, now and for the long term.

Many of our services are available individually or bundled with others. For instance, Education Planning is part of Financial Planning, but your strategy may include Education Planning on its own if we determine you don’t need the full complement of Financial Planning services.

Asset Allocation/Investment Strategy
Let’s put everything in its most advantageous place

Cash Flow Management
It’s like boot camp for your everyday finances

Charitable Giving
Discover the most beneficial ways to give

Education Planning
Learn all the smartest options and strategies

Estate Planning
We help you build a legacy worthy of the title

Financial Planning
We bring structure to your ideas and hopes for the future

Income Distribution
How to ensure the good times last

Investment Management
Let’s make investing a more rewarding experience

Retirement Planning
Secure your retirement with a smart strategy

Risk Management
Let us steer you to appropriate insurance strategies

Tax Planning
We love to put tax advantages on your side