Risk Management

What it is

As you might imagine, risk management covers a lot of ground. The major risks we typically address include long-term disability or illness, large liability suits, premature death and asset depletion in one’s later years. Throughout the risk management process we recommend and implement strategies that will help you protect your dreams, your loved ones and your legacy.

How it works

Our initial risk management consultations are a mix of education and exploration. We help you understand typical risks, and ask you the questions that will help us understand your unique concerns. Based on our conversations with you, we assess your risk factors for illness, disability, long-term care, liability, and premature death. Then we put together and carry out a risk management strategy that may include:

  • Helping you decide which risks to insure for
  • Insurance policy selection
  • Coordinating group employee benefits with personal insurance
  • An insurance strategy to fully fund your family in case of a breadwinner’s premature death
  • Develop long-term care strategy to include long-term care insurance and liquidation of certain assets
  • Elimination of insurance policies as needed