Tax Planning

What it is

For better or worse, tax obligations affect all stages of your Wealth Lifecycle. We help make sure your tax experiences falls on the “better” side. With timely, consistent guidance from your personal wealth management advisor, you can be confident in understanding and choosing the most advantageous tax strategies for your investments, assets and income situation.

How it works

First, the easy part: We get to know your basic current tax strategies and discuss what we can do to help you improve them. Naturally, we work with other members of your professional team to review relevant tax documents and develop solutions. Based on our understanding of your situation and needs, we will put together and carry out tax strategies that may include:

  • Coordination of investment and tax strategies
  • Analyzing your short-term and long-term multi-year tax strategies
  • Diversifying largely appreciated assets in a tax-smart manner
  • Guidance on choosing and participating in defined compensation and distribution retirement plans
  • Managing large capital gains with capital losses
  • Setting up trusts and tax-advantaged investments
  • Roth IRA conversions
  • Income timing advice
  • Advice on primary residence location for tax purposes