Our Company

Confluence Wealth Management is a fee-only, independent firm that offers a full suite of wealth management services that empower clients to grow and preserve their wealth. We listen closely to understand our clients’ desires and complexities and take a proactive approach to find the most appropriate solutions for their particular circumstances and goals. This ongoing process is provided with complete objectivity; our clients’ best interests are behind every financial recommendation we make.

Confluence clients are executives, professionals, business owners, retirees and their families along with corporate retirement plans, endowments and foundations.

Our name, Confluence, captures the essence of realizing financial well-being — coming together. Very few can reach that worthy goal without being part of a collaboration that brings together experienced professionals with specialized expertise; where solutions meet challenges. Confluence is at the center of those efforts.

At Confluence Wealth Management, we define success as not only building clients’ wealth but also enriching their lives, thus our tagline,
Let’s make it matter.