Kathleen Kee, CFP®

Kathleen Kee, CFP®

Partner, CEO

Kathleen Kee, CFP®

“No is not an option, never give up on finding a solution.”

I find solutions and build the strategy to help clients realize their dreams, hopes and objectives. I answer questions such as “What’s my number to retire?”, and develop the plans that enable clients to leave money to their kids and their favorite charity, and still have enough to let the parents and grandparents live comfortably through retirement, no matter what. We’re all working to build an organization that gives our clients peace of mind while working within a sound strategy—that we have looked at their plan from many angles to reduce any surprises.

I started out with a financial planning firm that charged a fee but implemented plans via commission products (many moons ago).  Not entirely comfortable with that situation, I left and did short stints with an insurance company, a national bank, and a regional CPA firm while looking high and low for a model that allowed me to truly and effectively serve my clients. I finally found the best model with a Registered Investment Advisor and a CPA partner, in an independent company that gives me the freedom and flexibility to do the right thing for the client.

I love to do this because…I love to help people. I become vested in each of their stories.  Whether clients lack the time or the interest in their finances, working together helps them understand more about their money and investments, and together we weave their ideas and wishes into smart financial strategies. I get great pleasure knowing that I was instrumental in helping them reach their dreams. It is a privilege to work for my clients who are so smart and accomplished.

Little-known facts:

The largest fish I have ever caught is a 180 lb. halibut in Alaska.  It seemed like forever to bring the fish up to the boat and it took three men to help me get it in the boat. Thank goodness for the drop down bow.  The fishing line and the pole was so curved over, I thought the line and the pole would snap.

Most likely to say:

“Let’s get it right the first time.”

Outside of work:

I enjoy spending time with my family and our dogs. I love visiting the coast, and I like gardening, cooking, fishing, clamming and catching up with old friends.

Perfect day:

Long walk in the morning on the beach with our dogs running wild and free, then spending the rest of the day with the family (grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends) eating, sharing stories, watching sports together, watching the nieces and nephews creating their own stories, getting into mischief and having a great time together, and ending with a huge Chinese dinner.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

So much work to be done to help the lives of our clients, our team members, and my family and friends. No two days are alike but every day is full of challenges and excitement.