Marilyn Bergen, CFP®

Marilyn Bergen, CFP®


Marilyn Bergen, CFP®

“Seek to understand by listening and being approachable.”

I provide straightforward, objective answers to help clients achieve what is important to them in their lives. I listen closely to understand my clients’ desires and complexities, and I take a proactive approach to find the most appropriate financial solutions for their particular circumstances and personal wishes. I attend both a national study group and a local estate planning study group of peers. When my work requires skills beyond my expertise, I collaborate with clients and the other advisors on their team, or find the necessary expert to help determine the best solutions. My first career involved successively navigating through the huge range of needs, learning styles, and family backgrounds with 34 busy 10-year-olds. In other words, I taught elementary school for eleven years and learned an incredible amount about collaborating with people, staying technically competent in my field, and finding the right approach to help each person learn. After a short experience working part-time for a life insurance company, I discovered I loved the process of helping adults understand and manage their families’ financial needs. But it soon became apparent to me that I needed a more open-ended, objective model to find solutions for them. Becoming a wealth management advisor was an easy decision. I love being able to take a consultative approach. Our clients have fascinating personal life stories, and helping them achieve financial comfort is very satisfying. It’s also a lot of fun to work with the smart employees on our team, as they grow in their professional careers.

Little-known fact:

I attended a Presidential Ball in Kenya when I was only 25 years old. I was in East Africa for five weeks and met the Kenyan Minister of Information at an educational event. A Presidential Ball was happening the same week I was in Nairobi; I received an invitation from the Minister of Information and had the incredible experience of attending the event.

Most likely to say:

“Be true to yourself, and when you aren’t sure how to act on that, seek wise counsel.”

Outside of work:

I enjoy dancing, travel, being outside, hiking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Perfect day:

My perfect day starts with drinking a latte while wearing my bathrobe and reading a paper or magazine. Then I’d go for a hike (or, if in the tropics, snorkeling), and I’d wind down by socializing with family or friends over dinner.

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

Coffee! And realizing that I’m so fortunate to be alive, in our country, during this period of time.  As a woman, I’ve been privileged to have opportunities in life that allowed me to embark on an exciting, dynamic career of helping people—a career I probably could not have experienced had I come of age 100 years ago.