Rick Schmidt, CFP®

Rick Schmidt, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Rick Schmidt, CFP®

“It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters.”

My primary job is listening. Clients share what is important to them, and it’s my job to translate their values and goals into their portfolio. In my 20+ years of experience, most investors don’t grow their assets to buy bigger and better toys or more houses; most are simply looking for and hoping to maintain their financial independence.

To that end, I also spend a lot of time making sure a client’s risk profile and related portfolio are in sync. I help clients develop their financial roadmap, adjust their course along the way, and make sure their values are reflected in their estate planning and gifting.

Once I graduated from Oregon State University, I entered the financial services business and held a number of jobs in a large corporate office. After earning an MBA from the University of Minnesota, I moved back home to Oregon, joined a wealth management company in Portland, and primarily worked with retirement plans and high net-worth individuals for 14 years. I found that I genuinely enjoyed working with individuals and have continued in that role ever since.

Now I’m excited to be part of the successful team at Confluence Wealth Management. Working with my clients, their accountants and attorneys, and our staff, I get to help people realize and maintain their goal of financial independence. What could be better?

Little known fact:

I love the work of William Shakespeare and am closing in on my goal of seeing the entire canon (37 plays) performed in Ashland.

Most likely to say?:

“Whatever you say” (to my wife).

Outside of work:

During the summer, I am outside every weekend backpacking, hiking, climbing, or camping. I spend several of those weekends volunteering with the Pacific Crest Trail Association doing trail maintenance (I am a Forest Service certified crosscut sawyer). During the winter, I go snowshoeing and catch up on my reading.

Perfect day:

At work: The stock market is up and the sun is shining.
Outside work: I backpack to a beautiful mountain lake, take a swim, visit with old friends and family, sleep outside the tent because there are no mosquitoes (rare), and fall asleep looking at the Milky Way.

What gets me out of bed in the morning:

My dogs (two golden retrievers).