Ryan Berning, CFP®

Ryan Berning, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Ryan Berning

“Don’t focus on where you are; focus on where you want to be.”

As a Wealth Advisor at Confluence Wealth Management, I help clients understand where they are financially, where they want to be, and how to get them there. Since no two clients are alike, neither are the customized financial plans that I create. By listening to my client’s goals, ambitions, and concerns, I help identify and formulate a financial strategy that will lead them to success. I thrive on exceeding the expectations of my clients and take pride in helping them reach their goals.

My career in investments began as an analyst working for an Institutional Investment Advisor. Although the work was intellectually stimulating, I was missing the personal connection of working directly with clients. I transitioned to a consulting firm where I advised high-net worth individuals and families on the management of their investment portfolios through asset allocation analysis, investment manager selection, and providing integrated wealth management solutions. When I had the opportunity to work at Confluence Wealth Management, I jumped at the opportunity. At Confluence, I am able to provide much more than just investment management. My view is on the client’s holistic plans and I am able to address them as they progress through their saving years to retirement years and beyond. I have the privilege of addressing the most important financial questions the clients have.

I love helping people make quality financial decisions and navigating the complex world of wealth management. Financial planning, investments, and taxes are difficult with countless options, opinions, and schools of thought. By providing clear and unbiased advice, I am able to simplify the complexities of financial planning and meet the unique wants and needs of my client’s. I feel honored to take part in their journeys toward financial independence.

Little known fact:

I’ve won the Club Championship at my local golf course multiples times.

Most likely to say?

“Keep it simple.”

Outside of work I…

I enjoy spending time with my family, playing golf, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.

Perfect day:

The perfect day would start off with an early morning tee time followed by a picnic at the park with my daughters. The day would conclude with some light reading while watching a San Francisco Giants game with my wife.

What makes me get out of bed in the morning?

The opportunity to learn something new, tackle unforeseen challenges, and be a better person today than yesterday.