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What it Is

For many of our clients, leaving a meaningful legacy includes supporting organizations with financial gifts. But it’s surprisingly easy to “do good” the wrong way. Tax and estate issues can reduce the joy and positive impact of even the most generous endowments. We make the giving process fulfilling, satisfying and financially sensible while ensuring that your beneficiaries can take full advantage of your generous gifts.

How it Works

Creating a philanthropic plan is all about preparing in advance with a sound legacy strategy. Once we learn about your giving goals, we’ll discuss the appropriate approaches and options with you and your professional team. Then together we will:

  • Formulate a legacy plan
  • Identify any appreciated assets that can be used to offset tax and estate issues
  • Develop a legacy strategy with your other professional advisors
  • Coordinate and refine the steps to implement the strategy
  • Follow up and check for completion