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What it Is

Anxious about meeting the high cost of college—or even a great primary school? We can help you fund a good education for yourself, your children, or other loved ones. We’ll help you find the right financial solutions, advising you on difficult issues such as how to pay for higher education costs not covered by scholarships or grants.

How it Works

Clients seeking education planning often have plenty of questions, worries, and doubts when they come to us. We start by listening to your education funding concerns and giving you the information you need to feel confident (and even excited) about the possibilities. We also work to understand what level of support you wish to provide for college. Then, we will put together and carry out education plans that may include:

  • Cost estimates and projections
  • Funding strategies
  • How to position your assets for financial aid purposes
  • Determining which education assets to use first for education funding
  • Advice on loan options