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 Kathleen Kee

Kathleen Kee CFP®

CEO, Senior Wealth Advisor

Helping a client meet their financial goals is like completing a puzzle. With so many pieces, finishing the puzzle requires providing education, information, and discipline. Whether their primary goal is becoming financially independent, planning for retirement, sending their kids to college, buying a vacation property, or something else, it’s all about arranging each client’s puzzle pieces to complete their financial picture.

What is the key to a great client/advisor relationship?

Trust. I work hard to ensure that my clients trust that I always have their best interest at heart. When we trust each other and are able to have open communication, I can more easily find the right solutions.

What is your primary goal when working with a client?

To fully understand what they want to accomplish and strategize solutions to help them get there, based on their resources, preferences, lifestyle, and values.

What is something about you that might surprise your clients?

I once caught a 180-pound halibut in Alaska. It took about three hours to reel it in. It was a team effort, with friends taking turns helping.