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What it Is

Retirement planning is your ever-evolving map to long-term independence. It answers the three necessary questions many people are afraid to ask:

  • “How much should I save?”
  • "When can I retire?”
  • “How can I make my assets last?”

We provide the ongoing relationship and expertise that ensure your retirement strategy can grow and adapt to new needs, life events, and goals.

How it Works

We fine-tune our retirement planning recommendations for you depending on your retirement readiness. Each of the retirement readiness stages corresponds to a stage of your Wealth Lifecycle: acquiring wealth, growing wealth, or securing wealth.

Starting to save while acquiring your wealth

If you’re currently prioritizing your savings for big events like buying a home or providing for a child’s education, we can offer comprehensive wealth-building strategies that include retirement funding as a long-term goal. We’ll also help in qualifying how much saving and investment are required to achieve financial independence.

Preparing for retirement while growing your wealth

As your desired retirement date draws closer, we’ll help you increase your investments and position your assets appropriately for a smooth transition. For instance, we’ll recommend which investments should be held in retirement accounts vs. taxable accounts, identify financial gaps and address them well before your retirement, and test your cash flow requirements in light of projected expenses and investment income.

Retiring and securing your wealth

When you enter retirement, we focus on protecting your assets from inflation and taxes, overseeing continual growth, planning for income distribution, managing expenses, and anticipating risks so you can enjoy your well-earned retirement. We can also put prudent strategies in place for charitable giving, education funding for grandchildren, legacy planning, and other long-term objectives. Naturally, we will continue to monitor and manage your strategy to keep it aligned with your needs and goals.